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In Lugazi, Uganda, a particularly special house is currently under construction, with a life-saving mission that will reach far beyond its four walls. This building will be the future home of countless abandoned babies. Although the building already stands, basic materials are still needed to complete this project. The next step in the construction process is to provide power and water to the building, but we need your financial assistance in order for the project to proceed! The sooner the baby house is completed, the sooner the doors can be opened and innocent lives can be saved. If you would like to partner with us in this pursuit and donate, please visit our website at

Helping Hands When caring people come together and join hands in a common purpose, God shows up in a huge way! 141 Impact would like to say a special thank you to Teresa Shettles and Macedonia Bible Baptist Church in Myrtle, Mississippi for their efforts in raising $9,000 to help cover the cost of water projects in Lugazi, Uganda. Your generosity extends clear across the Atlantic, and will make a huge impact by helping to provide clean water for the children living in the baby house...THANK YOU!

In the News! Halfway around the world in the Ugandan district of Buikwe, the unimaginable is being unleashed on the innocent. According to two recent news articles, it is here that the kidnapping of children has escalated and developed into a common occurrence. We at 141 Impact feel a sense of urgency and concern, as the baby house we're striving to fund is in this district. In fact, the building site was chosen because this is an area where babies are in the greatest need of protection. We need to do everything in our power to expedite the home's completion, so that babies can be rescued. Please join us in the fight to help save these little ones!

What's Cooking? If you like barbeque, or simply like to eat, you'll want to stay tuned for details of our next fundraiser, coming this fall. It's sure to have a great impact, with a wonderful opportunity to give back and help fund life-saving projects in Uganda, as well as here in the States. Keep connected on our website,, on Twitter at @141IMPACTInc, and on Facebook at

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