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"Jesus is Enough" Community Cooperative


Over the course of several visits to Uganda, we held seminars with the parents covering various topics, including money management and basic business concepts.  It was our hope to encourage the entrepreneurs in the community to embrace their gifts in order to provide for their families.  The parents showed great interest in business development, and thanks to one of the A4U social workers, a community cooperative was formed.  Little did we know that a little business training would lead to bringing the community closer together in ways that none of us had dreamed. Working together with organizations here in the US, 141 Impact partnered with the new community cooperative to purchase handcrafted baskets, coasters, and other household items from the newly formed “Jesus Is Enough" Cooperative. Their community business now provides income for their families, and empowers them to support themselves.  The connections and relationships they are making with one another foster a spirit of cooperation and community that benefits everyone. many have discovered gifts that they did not know they had, and have now found a way, working together, to use those gifts to benefit their families and their amazing community.




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