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Hope and Sacrifice

In January of 2019, we enrolled four year old Ssekate Daniel into our Child Development Program.  He is one of ten children, and suffered a fracture of his leg when he was just a year old. When we met Daniel and his family, they thought that Daniel had been cursed by a witch doctor, and they were told he had no bone in his lower leg.  His fracture had healed severely displaced, so he had a significant deformity which made it painful and difficult to walk. With crutches, he was able to get around at remarkable speed, but he and his family had lost hope for any recovery.  Oftentimes in rural areas of Uganda, disability is viewed as a curse, and little help is available. Daniel was not likely to attend school, and his future looked bleak.

The Acts 4 Uganda Staff and the 141 Team were so excited to enroll Daniel in the program, and set to work quickly to find help for him. Jeff, one of our mission team members, formed a special bond with Daniel and decided to become his sponsor.


After two surgeries at a specialized rehabilitation hospital, Daniel is on a remarkable path to recovery! It will take lots of prayer, time, and perseverance to get his leg fully healed, but he and his family have hope where they once felt none. Daniel now has a repaired bone that is healing well, an elevated orthopedic shoe, and an unstoppable attitude! He has finished his first year of school, and is so incredibly grateful to have a sponsor who loves him! 


On our trip in August 2019, the plan was to increase the number of children in the program to 160, but God had other plans; we discovered Daniel’s brother, Henry, had been carrying Daniel on his back to Center Days and VBS. Eight year old Henry would selflessly carry Daniel for hours from their home to the ministry property so his brother could be a part of the program. Now, Daniel and Henry get to be a part of this life-changing ministry together, bringing the total to 161 children! Daniel and Henry’s mother was overwhelmed with gratitude. She shared, “Thank you to the sponsors for all you did for Ssekate (Daniel). I had lost all hope and had no help really, but God has done something miraculous to see that you have helped Ssekate. There was nothing we could do for Daniel. We had no means. Thank you so much. May God add you more blessings!”  Our social workers tell us she goes around the community telling others what God has done for them. She is overflowing with the hope she has found in God and is sharing it with others. Many of the parents are sharing their newfound hope with others in the community as well, and they are exceedingly grateful!




soccer with Jeff

Daniel's Mom


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