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Kasha Gloria is a member of the Acts 4 Uganda Staff, and one of the strongest women we have ever met.  A single mom to three children, she works hard and has endured immense challenges.  Gloria’s talent, resourcefulness, creativity, and determination are inspiring.  In addition to caring for her own children, she cares for the children in the CDP as her own.  


In 2017, a friend with  a local recovery ministry for women reached out with an idea to partner in order to help women across the globe.  Gloria became our first artisan, helping to create beautiful jewelry and apparel that helps her to provide for her family, her community, AND for women in recovery here in the US.  Her product line has expanded as she creatively develops new products that have gained popularity in the boutique market.  As her business grows, she has been able to provide opportunities for other women as well. 


Gloria is a beautiful example to the young women and girls around her, and her influence is beyond measure.  




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