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Our mission is to empower individuals to impact the life of another by assisting in meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the poor, disabled, orphaned, and widowed of the world. We would LOVE for that to be your mission too! Let us Know!

What does "141" Mean?

Each  one of us has been given gifts and resources to bless others. If every ONE just helped ONE, imagine the impact we could have on the world. Imagine what ONE FOR ONE can do.

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"Hey! Where is Lugazi, Uganda"?, you might ask...glad ya did! Check THIS out!


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through the

141 Impact Child Development Program. For just $25/month,100% of your donation goes to Uganda to provide:

school fees




 medical care

Basic Needs



for a child living in extreme poverty.

(pretty cool, right?) 

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Hope is a beautiful thing. We have seen it in the faces of the kids. We have felt it in their hugs, and heard it the voices of their parents. We have been so honored to see the transition from hopelessness to the HOPE that only God can give through His love. This love has been demonstrated by those who have made the long venture to Uganda on a 141 Impact trip, and shown by all of those who have shared their resources, time and talents to making every child's life in the Child Development Program better. From fresh water to a business cooperative to life-saving surgeries, the families in the Child Development Program now have something they have missed for so long:


Here are just a few stories of the transforming power of hope.





If you only have one to give, we promise to put it to good use.


Did you Know that 100% of your donations and sponsorships go directly to the people that need it? That's why we have TWO different funds. Check this out!:


The Greatest Need

Donations to the Greatest Need are directed to, you guessed it, the people who need it the most.  This gives us the ability to respond in crisis situations, and also to direct funds to the projects with the highest priorities.  One-time or monthly contributions allow us to serve those in need by providing for basic needs, and funding projects that support our partners.  Click here to donate to the General Fund. We DO NOT use Greatest Need funds for 141 administration. That's why we have The Well.


The Well

The Well is a designated fund which covers our operating expenses (which we strive to keep as minimal as possible), allowing donors the ability to see 100% of general project donations and sponsorship money go directly to our world-changing partners on the ground. We are currently an all-volunteer organization in order to keep our expenses as low as possible.  If you are interested in becoming a part of a group of individuals committed to the cause, join us here.  Your tax-deductible contribution will allow us to do what we do: empower others to “Be One” for individuals living in poverty.


Ready to "BE ONE"?


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